Cash Prizes Upto

INR 200,000


18th - 19th
March 2023


Site no. 15,
Chandigarh Technology Park (Phase 1), Chandigarh 160101

How to Participate

Step 1

Make your teams and block your calender for the most happening tech event of 2023.

Step 2

Club innovation with tech skills to solve given problem in the area you selected.

Step 3

Take a shot at winning - Pitch your solution to the Jury.

All about Netathon 2023

The Netathon 2023 aims to give smart, experimental minds a chance to work in a free environment because we believe new ideas can come from anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Energize your grey cells, sharpen your coding skills, and let your imagination take you to solving a real world problem.

You can use your curiosity and innovative streak to address eCommerce, Healthcare or a Social issue. Take the challenge of finding solutions to real world problems.

Registration Deadline
Registration Deadline
5th Mar, 2023
Date of Hackathon
Date of Hackathon
18th - 19th Mar, 2023 (Sat, Sun)
Presentation & Demo
Presentation & Demo
25th Mar, 2023
Winner Announcement
Winner Announcement
06th Apr, 2023
Augmented Reality, Generative AI, Low Code / No Code, Cybersecurity, Cloud data dashboarding, Serverless architecture
  • Rules

    • This is an IRL hackathon. All team members should be present at the event.
    • Hackathon teams will be a minimum 3 people and a maximum of 6 people.
    • You must treat all team members, competitors, volunteers, etc, with respect and courtesy.
    • All prizes are to be shared between all team members
    • Teams should be made up exclusively of people who are not organizers, volunteers, judges, sponsors, or in any other privileged position at the event.
    • Leaving the venue for some time to take a short break is fine.
    • Laptops/ Desktops, and Network (LAN, WiFi) will be provided to you by Net Solutions during the event.
    • Teams can of course gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others.
    • All work on a project should be done during the hackathon.
    • Teams can work on ideas that have already been done. Hacks do not have to be really “inventive”. If somebody wants to work on a common idea they should be allowed to do so and should be judged on the quality of their hack.
    • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects. Working on a project before the event and open-sourcing it for the sole purpose of using the code after the event is against the spirit of the rules and is not allowed.
    • Teams cannot use code from projects which they may have developed in past for clients or the source code is not covered under GNU General Public License (GPL)
    • If any subscriptions are needed, participating teams will bear the cost of those subscriptions.
    • Teams must stop hacking once the time is up.
    • Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers’ discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, behaving in a way that violates the code of conduct or other unsporting behaviour.
    • The decision of judges is final for determining prizes and awards
  • Prizes

    Winner Amount
    Winner Amount
    INR 100,000
    First Runner Up
    First Runner Up
    INR 50,000
    Second Runner Up
    Second Runner Up
    INR 25,000
  • Venue

    • Site no. 15, Chandigarh Technology Park (Phase 1), Union Territory of Chandigarh 160101


Will I be working on my own idea?

Actually No, it happens quite often that the team develops a mixture of all ideas team members had at the beginning of the Hackathon. This is why Net Solutions will share the areas of implementation.

How old do I have to be?

The only condition is adulthood, well above age of 18. Since this is an extremely creative and technical event, it is desired that there is also a diversity of age. So, no matter your age, if you have the intent and focus to hack on an idea and you want something new, Hackathon is the right address for you.

What about education?

As this is a technical hackathon, understanding of new technologies, experience with industry and knowledge of latest trends within software engineering, programming will be your advantage. So, Graduation or equivalent is a prerequisite.

What do I need to have with me?

Since you most likely work with a laptop or desktop, the same will be provided to you. The final presentation will be in ppt, keynote or a live demonstration. So, you dont need to bring any machines or tools to help you work on hackathon.

If I stay overnight, where will I sleep?

On such events there is little rest. The rest corners will be arranged (deckchairs and some couches at the venue), while Net Solutions have rooms available at premises, these will have to be shared between all participating team. If you think that you will not need continuous work, you should arrange your accommodation yourself. You should not forget that this is a team competition.
You will coordinate everything with your team during the competition.
The weekend will be long and a few hours of rest will not hurt.

How will it look like? We get the task – what then? Who is responsible for what? How do you develop the idea?

The schedule of the competition is posted on the schedule section of the website, where there is a written detailed course of events. Competitors will get more detailed description of the challenge at the opening of Hackathon, as well learn with whom they are in a group and what their role is in the group. Teams receive guidelines at the beginning in which direction to develop an idea, how they develop it depends on each individual team. During the competition the teams are accompanied all the time by mentors, representatives of Net Solutions. Mentors are assembled in a way to cover as many segments as possible. They will be guiding you during the competition, if you wander too far with the development of your ideas.